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29 Jan

5 Quick Facts About North Cyprus

Cyprus is an island rich in history and culture. This island is peculiar, enchanting and a delight for seekers of a rich and original holiday experience. Holiday makers who wish to come to Cyprus should be aware that there are two “Cypruses”; North Cyprus and South Cyprus. South Cyprus is a part of the European […]

21 Jan

Top 5 Beaches Around Kyrenia

Cyprus is a island blessed with beautiful beaches. The beaches of North Cyprus come in different shades and types. Generally, the best beaches around Kyrenia are lively, organized, clean and fun. There are various water activities to enjoy. Here is a list of the top 5 beaches around Kyrenia:   Escape Beach Escape Beach is […]

19 Jan

Strong winds expected in Northern Cyprus

The meteorological office has put out a warning about gale force winds reaching as strong as 100 Km per hour hitting Northern Cyprus over the next few days.  These strong winds are as a result of a low pressure system within the region. Winds will be Southerly to Westerly today, changing to Northerly and Westerly tomorrow. […]