29 December 2017

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5 Places to visit around Kyrenia

Kyrenia, North Cyprus offers many wonderful places to visit. Here is a  list of 5 of the best places to visit around Kyrenia.

  1. Kyrenia Harbour: This old harbor is extraordinary compared to other spots to visit in North Cyprus. It is situated in the delightful and lavishly noteworthy town of Kyrenia. It is lined by apartments, bistros, bars and eateries offering heaps of good places to eat where you can taste the local Cypriot cuisine. The harbor is a place where you can relax and enjoy some of the beauty of the Cyprus experience.This harbor is additionally known for its rich history. It once housed various stockrooms, from which items were sent out, however the greater part of these have now been transformed into restaurants. Guests to the harbor can explore the area around the harbor or take a walk along the promenade. The harbor is especially captivating in at night. You can enjoy the view of the sea or Kyrenia castle, have some food, or have a cooling drink, while you enjoy the exciting and vibrant vibe of the environs. Kyrenia Harbour is a major focal point of the Kyrenia. Visiting the harbour will afford you a chance to soak in the vibe of Cyprus.Kyrenia Harbour
  2. Kyrenia Castle: Kyrenia Castle is a remarkable landmark that is found a few meters away from the harbour. It is said that King Richard the Lionheart used the castle as a staging area during the crusades. It is believed that the castle was built to protect the island from Arab attacks. The castle has moved from crusaders to the Venetian on to the Ottomans. It is a building that is rich with history. When you visit Kyrenia Castle, you will get a feel of the beauty and richness of Cyprus.Kyrenia Castle
  3. Bellapais Monastery: The Bellapais Monastery is situated in the Five Finger Mountains in Kyrenia. It is a beautiful specimen of Gothic architecture which is thought to have been built in the 1100s. It is also known as “Peace Monastery” and it is packed with loads of historical tidbits that would interest even a casual visitor. There are various rooms, tombs and areas to see and appreciate. The grounds of the monastery are beautifully kept and you can relax while you enjoy the stunning views of the sea and Kyrenia.  It is also one of the most tranquil places in North Cyprus.Bellapais Monastery
  4. Saint Hilarion Castle: This castle is situated directly above the city of Kyrenia. It is believed that this castle is named after St Hilarion the Great who is credited with introducing asceticism to Palestine. It is believed to have served as a stronghold against attacks from Arabs invaders. Also, it is believed that it was part of a network of castles that served to deal with Arab incursions on the island. Buffavento castle and Kantara castle are part of this network. As expected, this site boasts of a rich history. It a splendid place to truly appreciate the beauty and history of Kyrenia. This site offers spectacular views in all directions.
  5. Buffavento Castle: Buffavento Castle is one of three castles that were built to deal with Arab incursions on the island. It is situated on the highest point of Norther Cyprus. As with the others, it has a rich history and provides a marvelous view in all directions. You can actually see Lefkosa from the castle. The walk up to the castle is a hiker’s dream and it also allows you to truly appreciate the natural beauty of Cyprus. It is a place that you must see if you do come to Cyprus.

Do you think that there are other interesting locations? Please leave your thoughts and comments in the comments sections below.

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