29 January 2018

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5 Quick Facts About North Cyprus

Cyprus is an island rich in history and culture. This island is peculiar, enchanting and a delight for seekers of a rich and original holiday experience. Holiday makers who wish to come to Cyprus should be aware that there are two “Cypruses”; North Cyprus and South Cyprus. South Cyprus is a part of the European Union and is an officially recognised nation. On the other hand, North Cyprus is only recognised by Turkey. Despite this, the island still holds a lot interesting holiday enjoyment potential for tourists. However, both regions of the island offer a different kind of holiday experience. As such, here are 5 quick facts about North Cyprus:

  • North Cyprus makes up about 40 percent of the island. This bit of the island has beautiful beaches (more about beaches here), good hotels , memorable locations and excellent food. Furthermore, Northern Cypriots are generally friendly and accommodating.
  • North Cyprus is blessed with about 300 sunny days every year. Even the winters are mild. It is a great location to enjoy great weather all year round. To add to this, it has been nominated as of one of the healthiest destinations in Europe.
  • In North Cyprus, the official language is Turkish. However, a sizable part of the population speak English. This is not surprising when you consider that Cyprus was an English colony. Evidence of their English colonial past is evident all over the island. They even drive on the left as in the UK and road signs are in Turkish and English.
  • North Cyprus has a very assortment of flora and fauna some of which are only found on the island.
  • North Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire world. It is not uncommon to find cars unlocked with the owners nowhere in sight, bags left unattended at busy locations and couples or singles strolling around the city at odd hours of the night or morning without a care in the world. It is just that safe!
Kyrenia Harbour

Kyrenia Harbour

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