21 January 2018


Top 5 Beaches Around Kyrenia

Cyprus is a island blessed with beautiful beaches. The beaches of North Cyprus come in different shades and types. Generally, the best beaches around Kyrenia are lively, organized, clean and fun. There are various water activities to enjoy. Here is a list of the top 5 beaches around Kyrenia:


Escape Beach

Escape Beach is located about 2 km from Mountain View Hotel. It is well protected, clean and organized. It is a sandy beach that is ideal for friends and families with little children. It has showers, toilets, a bar and a restaurant.



Kervansaray Beach

Kervansaray Beach, is about 500 meters away from Mountain View Hotel. It one of the most popular beaches in Kyrenia. It is sandy and family-friendly. It has got many facilities such as restaurants, bars, parasols, sun beds, etc. You can also enjoy water sports.



Mare Monte beach

Mare Monte beach is a small and cosy beach that is great for friends and families. It is about 2 and a half kilometers away from Mountain View Hotel and it provides all the facilities required for visitors to have a great time in the sun. Visitors are required to pay a nominal entrance fee.



Deniz Kizi beach

Deniz Kizi beach is about 3 km away from Mountain View Hotel. It is a pristine beach with excellent facilities. You have an extensive list of water sports to choose from. These include; windsurfing, parascending, water skiing, and inflatable fun rafts for smaller children. You can rent deck chairs from the handlers at the beach.





Alagadi Beach

Alagadi Beach is about 5 km from Mountain View Hotel. It is a popular beach because it is the nesting ground for rare sea turtles. There are no facilities at this beach. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks. This beach is natural and somewhat pristine.  In the event that you do go to Alagadi beach, please try not to leave litter while you enjoy this beautiful beach.


Alagadi beach

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